Instagram strategies. Suarez Model tips to grow Instagram followers

Instagram strategies. Suarez Model tips to grow Instagram followers

We are happy to do an interview to the very important Glamour and fashion model Paola Suarez Model from Italy.
She will tell us all the tips that she used to grow organically her Instagram followers.
We are very happy to cooperate with Suarez Model: she built also her own site on this wonderful and perfect platform named Sungrow

Paola Suarez Make money with Instagram modeling


Post original photos and use attention-grabbing filters, if you know how to use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM it is very useful to use preseTs that can also be downloaded from the KOLORO application that can be used by your smartphone.

Connect Instagram to Facebook to give you more visibility. 

Likes and Comments on the first 9 TOP POSTS contained in the hashtags you choose to include below your posts.

Write in English, using a universal language gives you more visibility.

Use popular hashtags.

Do your Instagram posts at the right times usually after 9:00 in the morning, after 1 p.m. and after 8 p.m. 

Follow the hashtag #firstpost usually the people who post this hashtag also have an interest in increasing the number of followers and therefore will definitely follow you.


THE HISTORY is very important, they have a hypnotic power, almost magical.

Instagram recently introduced Stories, and this is a FONDAMENTAL tool.

During your day you can also publish dozens and dozens of them, talking about your future projects or goals and allowing people to know your daily life thus becoming more empathy with them.

             HASHTAG CHOICE

The magic formula is to choose 10 hashtags small, 10 averageand 10 big.

But how to distinguish them?

Small hashtags are those that generate a volume that ranges from 0 to 999,000 posts.

A hashtag is defined instead of a medium size when the volume is between 1 and 5 million posts.

The big hashtags are those from the 5 million posts up

The 10 smallest hashtags should have a volume between 400k and 600k posts (about 500,000).

The formula is simple: it’s about taking the number of your followers and multiplying by a percent (5,000 X 100 plus 500,000).

If your profile has 5,000 followers you will then need to have:

10 small hashtags (with volume of about 500,000 posts)

10 averages (with volume between 1 and 5 million)

10 large hashtags (with volume over 5 million)

That’s what will happen in practice.

You’ll be relatively easily among the popular hashtags #piccoli, which will give you two benefits. (One in the short term and the other in the medium term.).



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